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We are also available to install any of the products you buy from us, such as automatic garage door opening and motion detection systems. Our team members can add insulation to your garage door to improve your overall energy efficiency as well. This is important because the space between the door and frame leaves several feet of open air.

A Special Process

Exclusive Garage Door Repair Service Taylor, TX 512-829-8768To start the process of creating your customized garage door, our design team sits down with you for an in-depth consultation. We want to make sure that we understand exactly what you’re looking for so we can design a plan to meet your expectations. There is no rush to get through this process because it needs to be exactly right. Once you have given the final okay on the project, our design team takes it from there.

When the Exclusive Garage Door Repair Service designers have completed the project, the next step is for our installers to come to your property to take a series of measurements. This ensures that we are able to place the garage door without any major issues. Once the installation process is complete, our technicians check the garage door’s panels to make sure they are airtight and properly aligned. We also complete an inspection to identify any issues that could benefit from regular maintenance to prevent a performance problem later.