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Exclusive Garage Door Repair Service stocks an array of door system components from the industry’s top manufacturers and most well-known brands. We also keep generic parts on hand for those who prefer them. No matter which type of part or hardware you need or the make and model of your garage door, you can count on us to have it. We are also available to install or repair it for you.

Garage Door Springs

A damaged garage door spring can quickly turn into an emergency situation. This part is responsible for counter balancing the door’s weight while it raises and lowers. Although its weight can be measured in ounces, the typical garage door spring supports hundreds of pounds. Most garage doors today weigh up to one ton, with the weight from the door evenly distributed on each side by the balancing springs. Exclusive Garage Door Repair Service repairs and installs a variety of garage door springs, including torsion, extension, and non-standard.

The experts at our company are happy to assist you in selecting the most appropriate type of springs for your garage door. They also provide you with valuable tips on keeping them maintained so you don’t have to worry about major repair issues in the future. This is extremely important since all types of springs are subject to sudden failure after years of erosion or some type of interference with the garage door.

Torsion Springs

The torsions springs of your garage door are attached to a metal bar that is installed over it. This helps to distribute the enormous weight of a garage door by transferring some of it to a stabilization bar. Each end of the bar contains a cable spool that unwinds the springs when you attempt to open the garage door.

Thanks to the way a torsion spring is designed, it can easily manage a weight load that would otherwise be impossible. Our technicians can determine the strength and predicted lifespan or a torsion spring by analyzing the size of its wiring, length, and inside diameter. Most residential garage doors require one or two springs to operate safely and effectively. However, commercial and industrial doors typically need more to manage even heavier weights.

Extension Springs

Exclusive Garage Door Repair Service Taylor, TX 512-829-8768Extension springs are situated on the pulley installation or door frame of a garage door. Each of these springs handles the door’s weight by contracting and stretching as it moves up and down. They create a connection point to assist in counter balancing the weight of the door. It is the shortening spring that forces the door upwards towards the ceiling of the garage. Torsion springs, along with extension and non-standard springs, sit underneath an extremely high amount of pressure. For this reason, only a professional technician should service them.

Spring Repair

Your garage door springs are so small that you may not even see them, yet they have a big job to do. Each type of specialty spring enables the garage door to counterbalance its own weight as it goes up and down. Considering many doors today weigh at least one ton, this is an impressive feat. When a spring breaks suddenly, your garage door may crash without warning and flatten anything in its path. However, regularly scheduled preventive maintenance allows our technicians to spot signs of worn springs and to replace them at once.