Exclusive Garage Door Repair Service provides the following services.


Emergency Services

There is nothing convenient about a garage door spring breaking, the door going off-track, a lost key, or a jammed lock. That is why we strive to make our service to you as convenient as possible. We don’t want anyone in Taylor to be locked out of their garage or be unable to get out of it. Not only are you separated from your vehicle, but you are more prone to attacks of vandalism or burglary when your garage door is malfunctioning. When your garage door comes crashing down without warning or it refuses to budge when you push a button on your opener, it might seem like the problem came on all of a sudden. In reality, it has probably been developing for months or years. Every component of your garage door system relies on the other parts for proper operation. They are similar to an assembly line. When one part malfunctions, it won’t be long before the entire door is inoperable..... Click to read more

Standard Garage Doors

We are pleased to offer standard overhead garage doors in addition to numerous upgrades. You may want to consider the latter if you’re looking for improved security and functionality for your home or business garage door. We have offered the community expert services for several years and will do the same for you. Exclusive Garage Door Repair Service quality is reflected in every service we perform and every product we sell. We are happy to help you find the ideal products for your garage space. Every door that we deliver or install has been constructed with the highest quality of materials currently available in the industry..... Click to read more

Rolling Garage Doors

Our rolling service garage doors are yet another option that we offer. This type of door is simpler to install than many others, meaning you can have your new garage door in place in no time. This choice is also ideal when you need to keep a maximum amount of space available for entry because its up-coiling feature allows it to fit into any typical opening size. Your new rolling steel door is available in a wide variety of colors and profiles. Additionally, several styles of curtain materials are available to make the perfect addition..... Click to read more

Speciality Garage Doors 

For many people, standard overhead garage doors do not work for their situation. Perhaps you can relate to the need for greater security or wanting more of a say on the aesthetic appearance of your door. Whatever your individual circumstances, Exclusive Garage Door Repair Service can create a specialty door according to your exact specifications. The members of our specialty door team are experts in what they do. You would be hard pressed to find anyone with greater knowledge about the creation, repair, and installation of specialty doors in Taylor or the areas surrounding it. Their unique blend of professional skills makes them just the right people to work with from start to finish of your specialty garage door project...... Click to read more

Custom Garage Doors

A full half of the visible exterior of a building is made up by the garage door. It is one of the first things that people notice when they approach your property. When the garage door is worn or unattractive, it can affect the way people view your home or commercial structure. This is the main reason that many people in this area choose to have a new custom garage door made by the talented staff at Exclusive Garage Door Repair Service..... Click to read more

Garage Door Maintenance

The Exclusive Garage Door Repair Service technicians are highly experienced in all aspects of garage door servicing, including repair, installation, design, and maintenance. We recommend that all customers establish a routine maintenance schedule for their garage door. This proactive approach helps to prevent major system failures that could render the entire door inoperable. You can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you notice the need for maintenance and you don’t already have a schedule established..... Click to read more

Garage Door Installation

We are also available to install any of the products you buy from us, such as automatic garage door opening and motion detection systems. Our team members can add insulation to your garage door to improve your overall energy efficiency as well. This is important because the space between the door and frame leaves several feet of open air..... Click to read more

Garage Door Springs

Exclusive Garage Door Repair Service stocks an array of door system components from the industry’s top manufacturers and most well-known brands. We also keep generic parts on hand for those who prefer them. No matter which type of part or hardware you need or the make and model of your garage door, you can count on us to have it. We are also available to install or repair it for you..... Click to read more

Garage Door Openers

For many homes and businesses, the garage door gets used more than any other door on the premises. Having a remote opener or motion detection system makes it easier to get in and out of the garage and speeds things up when others are waiting. We offer everything from standard garage door opener models to units with several added features for the ultimate in convenience and quiet operation..... Click to read more